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To obtain support for Planbox Work please visit the Planbox Work support portal.

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  1. Getting Started 

    1. Process Roles
    2. Idea Champion
    3. Collaboration
    4. Creating a Challenge
    5. Submitting an Idea
  2. What's New and Updates 

    1. 2017 Updates
    2. 2016 Updates
    3. 2015 Updates
    4. Update History
  3. Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. How to extract information from SAML assertion ?
    2. How to configure SSL with SSO ?
    3. How do I use the API to get a copy of all ideas in the system ?
    4. How to use custom filters ?
    5. How Planbox manages its product development lifecycle
  4. Authentication 

    1. Setting up SSO for ADFS/WS-Federation
    2. ADFS: Sign-out Process
    3. Can the system be set up in such a way that it performs seamless login without asking for username and password?
    4. Configure authentication/SSO
    5. Configure SSO: Ping Federate
  5. Integration 

    1. Ideas to Board - Planbox Innovate and Work Integration
  6. API 

    1. Interacting with Innovate API
  7. Setup and Admin 

    1. Importing Users
    2. Configure user security (who can perform an action)
    3. Configure custom behavior (extensibility)
    4. Creating a Workflow
    5. Categories
  8. Idea & Innovation Management 

    1. Innovation Management Glossary of Terms and Definitions
    2. Rewards and Recognition
    3. How to report inappropriate or abusive Ideas or Comments
    4. Idea Merge
    5. User Mention
  9. Support and Cloud Services 

    1. Is My Data Secure at Planbox?
    2. What is your data backup policy and procedure?
    3. How to report a bug
    4. Technical support and feature requests
    5. Do you publish any system performance metrics, benchmarks and system response times?
  10. All articles 

    1. Interacting with Innovate API
    2. How to extract information from SAML assertion ?
    3. Process Roles
    4. Setting up SSO for ADFS/WS-Federation
    5. Importing Users
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