User Mention

The “User Mention” feature in Planbox allows users to collaborate more effectively by mentioning people’s name in their comments.

When posting a comment, by using the “@” symbol and starting to type, a search box will appear, displaying the list of existing users in the system to select from. After the comment is posted, the user name of the person who is tagged will be highlighted.


In the admin section, the system administrator can configure the actions that are triggered when a user is mentioned in a comment. For instance, the user who is mentioned can:

  • Be added as a follower of the idea
  • Receive email notifications that he is mentioned in a comment
  • Be assigned an action item
  • Earn Points


1- Only the users who have permission to view that idea will appear on the dropdown list.
2- Business rules need to be configured to determine what actions are performed when a user is mentioned. 

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