2017 Updates

2017-11-08 ∞ 1.7.1

This update includes:  
  •  Fix day from showing “Monday” in job list when user selected recurring on “Sunday” in data generator·      
  • New layout (tiles) for Challenge page
  • Fix categories showing in reverse on user profile
  • Fix issue where you couldn’t submit idea if child of unselected dependent field is required
  •  Add Language mapping for SAML and WS-Federation 
  •  Fix system settings save issue

2017-11-01 ∞ 1.7.0 

This update includes: 
  • Fix to social media icons
  • Improve Command Adapter
  • Fix to business rule engine on the events When a Challenge Starts and When a Challenge ends
  • User select fields now includes email address
  • Fix to batch email
  • Modified Prize translation to include price as a token
  • Fix date-picker and numeric fields by updating Kendo UI
  • Change reporting engine icon
  • Fixed issue with adding a contributor in mobile
  • Fix the way category path displays
  • Display redeemable and nonredeemable points on Rewards page

∞ 1.6.9 

This update includes:  
  • Fix the multiple tasks issue.
  • Live editor update.
  • Rich Text Field is now clickable anywhere in the body instead of just the first line.
  • Fixed ajax error when editing/duplicating a form that has a translation

∞ 1.6.8 

This update includes:
  • Enhancements to the business rule engine for improved performance.
  • Fix to correct the awarding of multiple points.
  • Added checkbox (toggle switch) to view both modes on the idea page and the challenge page
  • Bug fixes on Idea Panel view
  • Fix Ajax error in Admin > Event > adding action in send task
  • Fixed the idea manager drop-down display
  • Fixed a bug when a user assigns himself as his own manager.  

  • Fixed disabled communities in SystemPreference. 
  • Modify the names of some menu item on the idea page. 
  • Fix “send email action” to resolve multiple notifications
  • Fix to "publish the draft idea". Deactivate the publish draft idea if all mandatory fields were not answered on submission form


  • Improved GetIdeasCount sp (number of ideas found in idea list)
  • Create non-redeemable point.
  • Ability to Grant point for an idea
  • Create a new Action to convert non-redeemable point to redeemable points
  • Fix dependent fields not showing children in idea view after submitting idea
  • Use first name instead of display name on the registration page
  • Fix SSO attribute mapping with user profile items
  • Create a new token in user profile settings to be able to manage user display name
  • Improved logging when error occurs while creating multiple sizes of user uploaded image
  • Make my organization mandatory on user profile
  • Added two new fields to form view (Task Assignee and Task Completed Date)  

  • Improvements when editing a form 
  • Improvements when switching from tile to list (in challenge list page)
  • Resolve the problem of (start) and (end) text in tiles (in challenge list page)
  • Improve 500 error message 
  • Improve and correctly trap error for incorrect/non-existing challenge Id, idea ID and tenant name in URL
  • Improve and correctly trap error for insufficient permissions, especially in the case of an anonymous user
  • Improve performance on saving translations
  • Created separate permission for viewing status comments

2017-08-23  ∞ 1.6.4    
  • Improvement in First-time login users landing page
  • Fixed the issue when using '&' on different pages
  • Improvement in dropdown fields on forms
  • Improvement in translating the items on Advanced Search
  • Fixed the problem with ideas' statuses on duplicate search
  • Added the option to exclude challenge ideas on filters
  • Added the challenge tile view option

2017-08-17  ∞ 1.6.3  
  • Improvements in dependent filter feature
  • Fixed issue with image gallery
  • Fixed Edit profile issue
  • Enabled showing the task list for Archived ideas
  • Moved SSO button to the top of the options on the login page
  • Fixed issue with ‘&’ character
  • Fixed custom property issue when ideas are submitted
  • Added option to be able to deselect the selected option on a drop-down field
  • Fixed issue when a category is edited/ renamed/ modified, category path is not updated
  • Showed dependent filter selection on the user profile
  • Added on/off switch for Idea Panel feature
  • Fixed problem loading comment on click of comment tab instead of idea hover
  • Improved editing and removing comments (no need to refresh the page)
  • Improved idea panel
  • Hid vote buttons on idea panel 
  • Fixed the problem of drop-downs item hover with CSS
  • Improvemed user mentions in the comments
  • Upgraded reporting engine to version

2017-07-19  ∞ 1.6.2  
  • Idea panel view, a Netflix-inspired interface, option has been added to idea list page (beta version). Note that this interface has been disabled for all users. We can however enable it on a case by case basis. We are incrementally rolling out this new feature. If you would like to participate in beta testing please contact Planbox support to enable this feature for your organization.
  • The issue with order of selected categories on idea forms is fixed 
  • Added the ability to select multiple categories when using category selection (dependent filter) on user profile and idealist
2017-07-12  ∞ 1.6.1   
  • Added more log on API to have a better record of the process
  • Improvement in idea submission process when there are required fields
  • Increased the maximum number of users tagged in a comment to 10
  • Disable submit/create buttons after the first click to prevent Business Rules issue
  • Improvement in the form view to return decimal / DateTime format for a report
  • Fixed the bug on idea filters
 2017-07-05  ∞ 1.6.0 
  • Added a new API call for popular idea tags
  • Fixed the "forget password" problem
  • Changed the setting for "vanity URL"
  • Theme modifications
  • Created a new feature to redirect user to a specific page after first login
  • Fixed multiple file upload issue
  • Improvement in Idea Thumbnail upload
  • Improvement in dependent fields
2017-06-28  ∞ 1.5.9
  • Improvements in category tree on the user profile page
  • Added leaderboards per challenge to the list of available leaderboards
  • Improvements in Dependent Filters on forms
  • Improvements in idealist page (Tile mode)
2017-06-21  ∞ 1.5.8 
  • Improvement in translation, when there are more than 2000 translations
  • Improvement in publishing tasks that have multiple tabs
  • Fixed issue with read-only fields on forms
  • Improvement in tasks when they include multiple tabs
  • Improvement in customized leaderboards
2017-06-16  ∞ 1.5.7
  • Added the feature to add default dependent filter(based on categories) on the user profile
  • Added dependent filter(based on categories)on the idealist
  • Create a snapshot of user default dependent filter and attach it to the idea properties
  • Added "Publish Task" feature, when a task is completed, it will be added to the idea view page
2017-06-14  ∞ 1.5.6
  • Added new fields to forms:SubmitterID, SubmitterDisplayName, ChampionID, ChampionDisplayname, Title,IdeaSummary ,IdeaBody, DateSubmitted, ChallengeID, ChallengeOrginalName, StatusID, CommunityID, ChallengeEndDate, ChallengeIsActive
  • Modified some custom leaderboards
  • Added idea tags to the submission process
  • Improved removing tags automation
  • Fixed broken Tab field when you have required field
  • Improvement in multiple upload files fields
  • Created a new type of field on form generator to be able to show users list in forms. (User List Drop Down Field)
  • Created a new type of field on form generator to be able to show categories in forms. ( Category Tree View Field)
  • Created dependent field in form builder
  • Improvement in task notifications
  • Enable Security in Reporting for sharing reports and hiding ideas that are not visible to the user running the reports
  • Allow filtering by category Id in the URL for idealist and challenge
  • Performance enhancements in reporting module
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved send task function when the task form is edited
2017-05-24  ∞ 1.5.5
  • Added the option to create leaderboards from forms
  • Added Idea Manager feature
  • Fixed the forms issue
2017-05-17  ∞ 1.5.4
  • Removed ideas that are draft or archived from the idea count and comment count (User profile page)
  • Modified some of the leaderboards (Number of IdeasPerChallenge, Idea Count per Challenge, Most Recent Ideas)
  • Added the ability to turn on AppSource (Microsoft OpenID connect authentication)
2017-05-10  ∞ 1.5.3
  • More actions are logged into the system to better track the workflow
  • Improved handling of customer content, images and attachments
  • Improved Challenge security when restricted to a specific Community
  • Improved required category security permission when restricted to a community
2017-05-03  ∞ 1.5.2
  • Enhancement in job title field on the user profile page
  • Enhancement in user mention feature in the comments
  • Performance improvement on idealist page
  • Changes in the user interface of user profile card
  • Improvement in security permission on user tasks and idealist
  • resolved the issue with the dropdown list when including "OR"
2017-04-26  ∞ 1.5.1
  • Export to excel enhancement for Edge, Firefox, IE11, and Chrome
  • Modified Activity feed for API v2 activity feed controller
  • Added activity tab and it’s content to user profile page
  • Redesigned the custom error pages
2017-04-19  ∞ 1.5.0
  • Activity feed scroll down can show more than 10 items.
  • Added Leaderboards with general idea metrics
  • Added Idea Link feature (ability to link two ideas)
  • Create Leaderboards for Collaboration Metrics
  • Email notification enhancement (added Line Break option)
  • User Ranking feature turned into an optional feature
2017-04-05  ∞ 1.4.9
  • Synced user profile information with user property fields in the database
  • Added collaboration metric leaderboard
  • Added the feature to use idea submission form based on selected category
  • Enhancements in editable fields on user profile page
2017-03-29  ∞ 1.4.8
  • Improvements in Idea List security permissions
  • Leaderboards enhancements (not counting Archived ideas and associated metrics)
  • Enhancements in Edit Profile link on the user profile page
  • Fixed permission on status change action in the admin section  

2017-03-22  ∞ 1.4.7

  • System Maintenance
  • Performance enhancement
  • Edit the field key setting for reporting (each field's key should be unique)  

 2017-03-16  ∞ 1.4.6

  • Security permission improved for user profile and profile card
  • Improvements in user profile
  • Added activity feeds feature
  • Added new condition method on idea vote event to check for user badges
  • Improvements in Challenge submission form
  • Performance improvement on idealist page and user list
  • Improvements in report fields for checkboxes
  • Added the option to deactivate profile card

2017-03-08  ∞ 1.4.5

  • Enhancement in form performance
  • Fixed the obligation to use https
  • Enhanced voting improvement
  • Duplicate idea search enhancement
  • Fixed the issue with form response tokens in business rules

2017-03-01  ∞ 1.4.4

  • Added rich text for content(for read-only fields and challenge description)
  • Performance improvement for translation
  • Added the option to turn off points and ranking on user profile page
  • Added integration between Planbox Innovate and Sharepoint
  • Improve wording in the admin section
  • Idea sorting moved to the filters in the admin section

2017-02-20  ∞ 1.4.3

  • Performance improvement when loading forms

2017-02-15  ∞ 1.4.2

  • Fixed User Profile responsive design issue
  • Fixed User Profile translation issue
  • User Profile tabs enhancement
  • Task/Forms structure improvement (one line checkboxes)

2017-01-26  ∞ 1.4.1

  • Idea Manager enhancement
  • Added pagination support to API v2
  • Added metadata total pages to API v2
  • Added support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) to API v2
  • Added the ability to disable comments based on status
  • Enhancement in idea-list SP security 

2017-01-25  ∞ 1.4.0

  • Duplicate Idea search enhancement
  • Idea merge enhancement
  • Segregate comment submission and comment edit event
  • Added upload option for user profile image (image gallery)
  • Enhancement in Badges pagination in the admin section
  • Enhancement in thumbnail section on the idea submission page

2017-01-18  ∞ 1.3.9

  • Image gallery
  • Fixed Custom Filter issue
  • Enhancement in Idea Contributor permission

2017-01-13  ∞ 1.3.8

  • Enhancement in creating New User
  • Fixed NServiceBus business rule failure
  • Improved audit trail to track the events
  • Added API version 2.0
  • Leaderboards enhancement

2017-01-04  ∞ 1.3.7

  • Security permission improvement for Idea Submitter, Contributor, and Champion
  • Added Vote value to Top Ideas LeaderBoard for enhanced voting
  • Enhancement in User Rank on the User Profile page
  • Enhancement to Business Rule Engine

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