Update History

New Features

§  System feature to turn off user expertise field on user profile

New Features

§  Scoreboard reports page

§  Added the ability to share an idea with a tool-tip


§  Fix to Scheduled Event handler

§  Fix to send email to more than one recipient

New Features

§  User metrics on Profile card and Profile Page: Shows Idea Submission count, Vote count, Comment count, Login count and Last Login Date

§  Dashboard > My idea activity: Show whether any of your ideas have had new activity since your last login. Activity shown are: Votes, Comments, Watchers, Contributors and Views

§  Batch email: ability to send emails with batched content.

§  SRX06700 - Business Rules for badges problematic fixed: seems the true false values are reversed for this action

New Features

§  Updated Izenda Reporting to

§  added contributor tokens for business rules

§  [axoi SRX06223] Notifications: Provide the ability to send notifications to Contributor's Managers and Idea Manager's Manager [QC 8637]

§  [axof: 10452 ] Add ability to download Advanced Filter results into excel (QC 9074)

§  [axof:10421] [14676] Notification and Rule Log

§  [axoi SRX06212] Require the idea manager to enter a comment when changing status [UAT 7139]

§  [axoi: SRX06224] Challenge Status Requirement [QC 8560]

§  [axof: 10482] User time zone and system time zone

§  [oti:srx06226] Read More on truncated ideas [QC 8544]


§  [axod:766] challenge filter, now clients are able to customize views to include/exclude ideas for specific challenges

§  [axod: 765] Report Dashboard preview button fixed, fixes issue that preview would not show up in list of reports

§  [axoi SRX06524] [14775] The 'back to ideas' link should resume the last search [SIT 6581

§  [axoi: SRX06214] Contributor Notification Defect [Defect #7738]

§  Fixing idea last search on browser back button

§  [axoi: 788] 8.0.4 Cancel task action not working fix

§  fixing custom property drop down on filter for Verizon, fixes issues when in the advanced search or defining a new filter the properties dropdown would not work

§  [axof: 10419 ]'View History/Audit isn't logging everything

§  Fixed many bugs with new Izenda features, any further information regarding this upgrade should be directed at the Izenda release page

§  Fixed community dropdown, community list would not correctly show

§  Idea link not showing in queue for event when a task is created, tasks should now show up without issues

§  Fixed get last comment from last login, fixes issue where date would be incorrect

1. Upgrade to Reporting Engine

   - Incorporated Visual Reporting

   * A known issue with new Engine is that users cannot choose multiple datasources from the  
    datasource page, users must use the advanced option if more than one datasource is needed.

    This will be addressed in a future release.

 2. Improved performance of task list

   - Latest user activity can now be viewed on the dashboard.

3. Fixed issue with broken thumbnails for IE9

4. Implementation of the Uservoice support portal.

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