Configure custom behavior (extensibility)

Idealink provides several extensibility points that let you customize the appearance and behavior. This article explains the available extensibility points.

Custom CSS and JavaScript

You can change Idealink's default web interface by injecting your own CSS and JavaScript. You can do this by navigating to Admin » System » Settings » Web user interface, and editing the "Custom CSS" and "Custom JavaScript" fields. These fields provide auto-completion, syntax-highlighting, and error-detection to help you define your own behavior.

When writing custom JavaScript, you should take the page load cycle into account. For example, you can use jQuery to run code when the page has finished loading:

$(function() {    // add code here});

Idealink API

You can interact with the Idealink API directly to create your own interfaces or scripts. The Idealink API provides the ultimate in extensibility — so much so, that the web UI you normally use is actually just an API client itself! For further information, see the Interacting with the Idealink API article.

For example, here's a sample script to import a user into Idealink:

Business rules (events)

You can configure automation in Idealink by navigation to Admin » Automation » Events. More documentation is forthcoming on this one.

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