How to use custom filters ?

Using Custom Filters

* Please note that the 'Save Filters' option must be turned on in the system settings in order to use the save feature.

Adding a filter

On the list of Ideas, locate the Advanced Filter link

Once you click on the "Show advanced search" link, you will see the following screen:

Select the criteria for your filter, when you are done, click on "Save Filter"

You will have an opportunity to name your filter, pick your name carefully as it cannot be changed (you can delete the filter however)

Congratulations, your filter is now ready for use!

Using a filter

On the list of ideas, now that you have a custom filter, you will have a custom filter menu available with your list of filters:

Simply select your custom filter and the list of ideas will automatically reload according to your filter settings

Deleting a filter

Click on the Show advanced search link:

Then select your filter, you will notice an additional option on the Advanced search screen, you can now delete your filter

Changing a filter

Changing filters is not currently supported, you will have to delete and re-create the filter

Filtering by Custom Property

Filtering by a custom property is via the CONTAINS condition.


  • SLA-date contains "2014-02" - SLA-date is in Feb 2014
  • SLA-date contains "2014-02-06" - SLA-date is on Feb 6 2014
  • SLA-date contains "-02-" - SLA-date is Feb of any year

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