Process Roles

Idea Champion

A Champion is a Registered User who takes responsibility for an Idea, shepherds and facilitates it through to some significant level of maturity. An Idea’s Champion is the driving force behind an Idea and has significant authority over an Idea.

The Champion is responsible for collating the Idea as it evolves based on any resources and primarily the collaborative discussions taking place about the Idea. The Champion can provide feedback to the Idea Community using announcements as well as publish specific request for information.

The Champion may also moderate an Idea removing inappropriate or specious content from the Idea. He may also trim the Idea by archiving comments and builds that have become irrelevant.


A Moderator examines incoming content for appropriateness. The criteria upon which he bases his judgment is defined by the Organization. The Moderator has the ability to hide or un hide content, i.e. censor.

Idea Submitter

The Original Idea Submitter is slightly different from other Idea contributors such that he has the option of becoming his Idea’s Champion.

Subject Matter Expert

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is a Registered User who can offer expertise in one or more subjects. Registered Users may search for and contact an SME. Internal SMEs are specified as such by the Organization. Internal and External SMEs can become an SME as such:

a) Based on a system configurable threshold of votes on Comments.
b) Based on whether an Idea Contributor’s Comments have been used by Idea Champions in order to evolve an Idea.

Both these criteria are specific to an Idea’s Category(ies).

Becoming an SME in this way generates an invitation to become an SME in that Category(ies).


A Vetter is a role such that he performs an assessment of Ideas. The Vetter can immediately internalize an Idea. Different Vetters may participate in the Idea management process in different stages along the way.

Internal Coaches

Internal Coaches fulfill a valuable role in guiding idea development, providing context, facilitating hard-to-access information/data and liaising with External Champions. Internal Coaches also work with Internal Champions to garner buy-in from various constituents within the client organization as a critical component of the decision-making process.

Feedback and Knowledge Base