Do you publish any system performance metrics, benchmarks and system response times?

Planbox Innovate Performance and Response Time Targets

System performance metrics or benchmarks include load time, screen refresh rates and response times. Below are our current performance targets, if your experience does not meet these targets please contact our support team so that we can identify what is causing any performance issues.
Operation   Benchmark (in seconds)
End user List pages Cold 12
Hot 6
Search/Filter 12
Entry pages Cold 10
Hot 5
Update/delete 7
Insert 7
Admin All operations 15
Reporting 4 Text/List 10
Charts 15
Drilldown 15
Advanced (pivot) 30
  1. Cold load refers to first time access of Planbox app at which time new components and content is downloaded and cached by the browser
  2. Hot load refers to accessing a page which has already been accessed in a previous session
  3. The benchmarks provided assume fast internet access by the user of 15 Mbps (upload/download) and higher. Slower and less reliable Internet connections will severely downgrade performance
  4. Performance of reports is largely dependent on the amount of data queried and the number of tables that are linked to each other.
  5. The above benchmarks have been determined based on an application that is under average stress. Average stress is defined as less than 5% of the total user base is concurrently accessing the system.
  6. System performance has been bench-marked using New Relic, Visual Studio and Chrome diagnostic tools
  7. Your specific performance may vary as much as +/- 20% depending on your location, latency, equipment, bandwidth and other factors

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