Creating a Workflow

The workflow is process of how Idea Submissions will progress in your organization. When designing a workflow, it is important to remember that the software has to support the way you do.

Whether a Fortune 500 or mid-sized organization the key thing to keep in mind is what are your required outcomes and how do you intend to get there.

Workflows come in many flavors, from simple to complex. When creating a workflow, it is important to take into account the organizational structure, what amount of resources will be required to manage ideas and how much automation do you want to incorporate into the process. These are all important elements in creating a workflow.

When a user submits an idea what happens to it? How does my Idea get reviewed? Which ideas could be funded and implemented? These are just some of the questions you want to keep in mind when creating a workflow.

Key things to keep in mind when creating a Workflow

The workflow (or process flow), where possible should utilize many of the things in Planbox Innovate that can be customized. This includes categories, statuses, unique forms, and customized e-mail notifications just to mention a few.

Plan out your workflow always keeping in mind the IFTTT (If this, then that) model. An example of how this can work for you is to look at the process you would like to happen on Idea Submission. If a user submits an idea (if this), have an e-mail sent to the submitter to thank them (then that). This is a very basic example, but keeping on this premise you can now start to build in some complexity. If a user submits an idea with ABC selected as the category, (if this), have an e-mail sent out to the submitter and a task to rate the idea sent to a reviewer, with an e-mail explaining the task (then that).

Workflows are quantified by events and actions. As your idea flows through the system, based on certain events happening, you can have specific actions executed. Using this approach will help you plan out an efficient workflow for your organization.

Here is an example of workflow that you would setup. 

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