Categories are part of the idea submission process. Categories are user defined labels for an idea. They assist in giving a definition to the idea and improve reporting.

Here are some examples of Categories you would setup:

  • Safety
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Work Management

Access the Admin page by clicking on the Admin link on the landing page. This will take you to the Admin dashboard. Go down to the Idea’s section and select Categories.

You will be directed to the Categories page, where you can create a category (or multiple levels of categories).

To create a new category highlight with you mouse the root level of Idea Categories and on the menu on the right hand side select “Add a Sub Category” and the create Category box will open.

Complete the Add Sub Category form by entering in the name of the Category and a description of what the category is. This description will be visible when a user hovers over the category with their mouse. Complete your Category setup by selecting the category behavior from the check boxes. You can restrict use the category to a specific community by entering the community name in the Restrict Category box.

Once your categories have been created you have the option to drag and drop the categories for proper placement.

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