2016 Updates

2016-12-15  ∞    

  • Enhancement in User Profile page to include more fields (with permissions to edit or not)
  • Enhancement in edit/create Challenge pop up view
  • Theme selection added as a textbox in the Admin Settings
  • Fixed the issue in Filter's name in the admin section
  • Fixed translation issues on My Ideas section on the User Profile page
  • Fixed issues in enhanced voting and idea cost target goal

2016-12-01  ∞  

  • Innovate Security enhancement
  • Added Vote value (enhanced voting) to Leaderboards
  • Added number of votes when using Like control

2016-11-25  ∞  

  • Performance update to reporting software

2016-11-16  ∞

  •  Added the option to have Two Columns of Fields in Forms
  •  Report performance improvement   
  •  Fixed issues:
Activate/deactivate categories
Form fields default value   

2016-11-02 ∞

  •  Upgraded reporting system for better performance and stability

2016-10-19 ∞ 1.2.22    

  •   General fixes and improvements  
 2016-10-11 ∞ 1.2.21
  •   General fixes and improvements    

 2016-10-04 ∞ 1.2.20    

  • Modifying Forms Presently in Use
  • Form Translation improvement
  • NServiceBus improvement  

 2016-09-28 ∞ 1.2.19   

  • Added Idea Merge feature 
  • Recognizing not appropriate content
  • Report Abuse feature for Ideas and Comment
  • Minor bugs fixed 

  2016-09-22 ∞ 1.2.18    

  • Added Form translation option
  • User profile can show: My ideas, My drafts, My comments, My follows
  • Ability for the users to deactivate their account
  • Adding user's first name and last name to their profile as an option
  • Added Helpful Resources option to be turned on or off
  • Email sharing feature improvement
  • Added Report Abuse feature for Ideas
  • Added Report Abuse feature for Comments
  • Added the feature that controls the Ideas if containing inappropriate words
  • Added the feature that controls the Comments if containing inappropriate words
  • New editor for Edit Idea option 
  • Added vanity URL feature
  • Language selection becomes available for all users including anonymous users
  • Added Activation/Confirmation email to new users registration
  • User import improved

2016-08- ∞ 1.2.16  

  • Added the ability for the users to deactivate their account 
  • Added the option of having separate Leaderboards per Community
  • Added a Tab field for task/form
  • Improve the API to support import external users from console application
  • Improvement in Idea Advanced Search (search based on Categories and Tags)    
  • Added field to the User Profile

2016-07-21 ∞ 1.2.17    

  • Created 2 new status flags (is approved, is evaluation)
  • Added the ability to turn off Voting based on the idea status
  • Added voting target goal to the enhanced voting feature
  • Added action rules based on security groups

2016-06-22 ∞ 1.2.15  

  • Improvement in Idea Tags
  • Added Task Count to the dashboard
  • Enhancements in creating reports from Tasks
  • Added Update Database Schema button to the Reporting Portal

2016-06-01 ∞ 1.2.14

  • Improvements to User Import via CSV file
  • Improvements in User Search 
  • Batch e-mail now has subject line
  • Reporting enhancements
  • Display forms by form group.
  • Security Updates
  • Minor System Improvements
  2016-05-11 ∞ 1.2.13  
  • Added new events for business rules called: "When a challenge ends" and "When a challenge starts" 
  • Added duplicate Idea finder 
  • Improvements in French translation for the system 
  • Added default keys in French
  • General fixes and improvement
2016-04-20 ∞ 1.2.12
  • Added support for duplicate search for existing client
  • Resolved an issue editing your user profile
  • Added features regarding security permissions
2016-04-06 ∞ 1.2.11
  • Performance improvements on idea submission
  • Performance improvements on idea list
  • Stability improvements on user CSV upload
  • Resolved issue allocating tenant resources
  • Resolved issue with tenant metrics generation
  • Improved default languages content for a new install
  • Improved batch email scheduling
2016-03-29  ∞ 1.2.10    
  • You can now whitelist IP addresses to control who can connect to your instance of Planbox Innovate
  • Better support for uploading and synchronizing users
  • Performance improvements
 2016-03-29  ∞ 1.2.9  
  • You can now control the display of both the Support & Feedback quick links
  • Better support for out of the box multi-lingual content
  • Better support for synchronization of user information
  • Better support for synchronization of custom user properties
  • Better support for custom reports
   2016-03-14  ∞ 1.2.8   
  • General performance enhancements
  • Report Thumbnails (were not loading)
 2016-03-08  ∞ 1.2.7  
  • General performance enhancements
  • Fixes to nServicebus
  • Fixes to similarity search
 2016-03-03  ∞ 1.2.6
  • Application performance improvement
  • Bugs fixed
 2016-02-29  ∞ 1.2.5
  • Application performance improvement 

 2016-02-26  ∞ 1.2.4
  • Application performance improvement 

 2016-02-25  ∞ 1.2.3   
  • Application performance improvement

2016-01-27  ∞ 1.2.0 
  • Increased application performance
  • New Html/CSS editor in admin section
  • Added a Closed tab for closed challenges on the challenge screen
  • Ability to send tasks through the business rule engine as a specific user
  • Ability to change idea status through the business rule engine as a specific user
  • New Action for pushing Web/REST events through the business rule engine
  • Upgraded to Izenda reporting engine version
  • Ability to print reports as PDF
  • Fixes
  • Resolved a problem where vote events would not be inserted in the audit trail (from Jan 23 to Jan 27)
  • Resolved a problem where returning to the idea list from an idea would reset the filters/sort
  • Resolved a problem with removing an idea tag where an incorrect ajax error may be displayed
  • Resolved a problem with the back end process that could have an issue with a combination of events

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