What is your data backup policy and procedure?

Database backups are performed nightly and stored in a secure offsite cloud facility. Only designated Planbox Devops resources have access to backup files and information. Backup files are retained for 30 days. Backups are scheduled to automatically occur every night. Our Devops team is notified if a backup fails for whatever reason. Backups are restored and verified once every 30 days to ensure data integrity.

For more information please review our SLA (service level agreement) at https://planbox.com/legal/cloud-service-level-agreement/.

Other Relevant Policies, Processes or Guidance

Is My Data Secure at Planbox: https://support-innovate.planbox.com/knowledgebase/articles/875130
Information Security Policy: https://support-innovate.planbox.com/knowledgebase/articles/882723

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