Idea Merge

Idea Merge allows the merging of two or more distinct ideas so that they can be collaborated on, managed, and processed as a single entity.



When merged, child ideas move to the merged status, this triggers the status changed business rule engine event  All incomplete tasks of a child idea that are currently outstanding are cancelled and trigger appropriate business rule engine events.


Child ideas appear on the side panel as hyperlinks that you can click on and drill into.  When viewing a child idea, you can navigate from a child ideas to the master idea using the master idea link.  A child idea can be un-merged from the master at any time. The un-merged status can be selected when um-merging.


  • User must have Merge Idea permission to access this feature
  • Child ideas are read-only, cannot be changed and all action items on the child idea are cancelled upon completion of the merger
  • Merged ideas (child ideas) do not count towards the number of submitted ideas by a user
  • Child ideas are read-only and can be viewed from the master idea by anyone that has access to the master idea
  • All metrics (such as votes, ratings, comments, and views) belonging to a child ideas are not affected by a merge
  • Child idea’s view count is not added to the master idea
  • If the same participant votes for two ideas that are eventually merged, only the vote for the master idea is taken into account; the vote for the child idea is not counted.
  • All comments belonging to child ideas are viewable from the master idea. Comments will retain their chronology according to date created and retain their author
  • A child Idea's Tasks are not transferred to the master idea and retain both date created and original author
  • Votes, comments and tasks of the master will be accessible to anyone who can view the child idea regardless of whether the original participant had access to the master idea
  • Master idea, at the time a merge occurs, does not trigger a Business Rule Engine event unless one is explicitly defined
  • Users can only vote for, add comments and complete tasks on the master idea only
  • Child ideas properties are not accessible to the Business Rule Engine
  • The status to be used when merging can be configured in Settings/Idea using the Status to use when merging ideas setting
  • Forms created for a child idea remain a part of the child idea
  • Attachments  (idea attachments and form attachments)  remain a part of the child idea
  • Forms (idea documents) are not moved from the child to master idea

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