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  1. 2015 Updates

  2. 2016 Updates

  3. 2017 Updates

  4. Activity Reporting Primer

  5. ADFS: Sign-out Process

  6. Awards

  7. Bandwidth Limits

  8. Base Point System

  9. Can the system be set up in such a way that it performs seamless login without asking for username and password?

  10. Categories

  11. Cloud and On-premise

  12. Cloud Change Management Policy

  13. Collaboration

  14. Configure authentication/SSO

  15. Configure custom behavior (extensibility)

  16. Configure SSO: Ping Federate

  17. Configure user security (who can perform an action)

  18. Creating a Challenge

  19. Creating a Workflow

  20. Creating Categories or Classifiers

  21. Data and file storage limits

  22. Do you publish any system performance metrics, benchmarks and system response times?

  23. Does Planbox Innovate use IDP or SP for SSO?

  24. Filters

  25. How do I Send, Receive or Share Files Securely with Planbox

  26. How do I use the API to get a copy of all ideas in the system ?

  27. How Planbox manages its product development lifecycle

  28. How to configure SSL with SSO ?

  29. How to configure your systems to properly receive Innovate email notifications

  30. How to extract information from SAML assertion ?

  31. How to report a bug

  32. How to report inappropriate or abusive Ideas or Comments

  33. How to use custom filters ?

  34. Idea Champion

  35. Idea Manager - Evaluating Ideas

  36. Idea Merge

  37. Idea Status

  38. Ideas to Board - Planbox Innovate and Work Integration

  39. Importing Users

  40. Inappropriate Content Filter

  41. Incident Management

  42. Information Security Policy

  43. Innovation Management Glossary of Terms and Definitions

  44. Interacting with Innovate API

  45. Is My Data Secure at Planbox?

  46. Modifying Forms Presently in Use

  47. Monthly Report Glossary

  48. Planbox Innovate Security

  49. Planbox Innovate Third Party Software Component List

  50. Points

  51. Process Roles

  52. Rewards and Recognition

  53. Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  54. Safe Harbor Policy

  55. Setting up SSO for ADFS/WS-Federation

  56. Social Network Authentication

  57. Submitting an Idea

  58. Support response times

  59. Technical support and feature requests

  60. Translating Forms

  61. Update History

  62. User Mention

  63. Vanity URL

  64. What are the Planbox Innovate Maintenance Windows?

  65. What is your data backup policy and procedure?

  66. What is your data destruction policy?

  67. What is your Information Lifecycle Management Policy?

  68. When I use HTTPS I get security alerts from the browser about insecure content

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